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Kew Gardens from the sky

With 6 extraordinary locations; filled with intrigue, artefacts, vast history and so much more. Where do we even begin with the story of the Historic Royal Palaces?

Explore the Prezi now: Historic Royal Palaces or read on for the facts.

The same question faced Lucy on the International Sales Team, who represents the Palaces across the globe. Selling their unique benefits, demands a great presenter – with her confidence to deliver key benefits efficiently.

Having so much info to convey to Corporate Clients, PowerPoint’s slide-to-slide-to-zzz setup, means you either show the audience everything — in sequence — relevant or not. Or you have to awkwardly skip through the slides, trying to find the content that’s important to them.

Slides give a poor experience

With the old sales deck being a PowerPoint, the sequential nature of slides meant that the audience quickly lost where they were in the presentation, due to slides having very little spatial relationship to one another. And having to skip past irrelevant information only served to decrease their engagement levels – it wasn’t the best way to present.

A quick analogy for you

You have a visitor who’s found your company website. You offer what they are looking for, but rather than some simple navigation for them to get to a specific section, they must scroll through all of your website, start to finish. They switched off & left ages ago. This is how PowerPoint works!

Prezi, with its non-linear ability, offers that ‘simple navigation’, helping to provide the information they want. They stay engaged, finding what you offer, and taking in all the details, knowing where they are. In the case of Prezi ‘knowing where’ details are (spatial relationships) can also be literal. E.G. The Palace’s food offerings – have a look, they are literally served up on the plate!

Finding the solution

So the website example above… Lucy had heard of Prezi, and a bit of how it allows ‘non-linear’ for greater audience engagement. Wishing to get more from her sales meetings, she did a search, found the info & examples on our website, and got in touch. We took a look at her existing PowerPoint and it was immediately apparent how we could take the slide’s info, (retaining the corporate branding) and display it in a new, easily navigable layout. The Prezi solution is sections – that now give her flexibility to present just the right information, to her hugely varied audience.

Prezi gives a great experience

Prezi offers a range of benefits to your presentations experience. One that we focused on for the Historic Royal Palaces Prezi, is the non-linear ability. For this presentation, the ability to present the content in any order does several things. Firstly, it empowers the presenter, knowing that information is easily found and just a click away. Secondly, the audience can get far more involved…

With this presentation being delivered from a laptop – directly to the prospects, Prezi’s non-linear power opens up a conversation. Allowing the audience to choose what they’re keenest to know, means they’re not spoken to, but spoken with. Interested in Kew Gardens? No problem, click on its icon and we’re taken there. Info about ticketing options next? Easy, click the relevant square. The added conversational nature that Prezi presentations bring, makes the audience part of an experience – one that is much more enjoyable and memorable.

PowerPoint into Prezi

With Lucy’s new Prezi, she is now free to present in a more informal, hands-on way with her prospects. Being that they are now much more engaged in the process means they are far more likely to be converted into customers. Their memory of the experience is one of the friendly presenter and the information she’s conveyed to their specific needs, and not a forgettable slide deck, that they had to endure.

Get hands-on

The Historic Royal Palaces non-linear Prezi

You can explore Lucy’s Prezi here: Historic Royal Palaces Prezi Please do visit on a desktop browser, or get the Prezi app: iPhone, iPad, Android so that you can click/tap into the sections.

TRY THIS: Click a section on the Prezi (Banqueting House perhaps). You’ll zoom straight into that section. Now click the background image – which will zoom you back out, clever huh! From here you can navigate to another section and use the arrow keys to see the splendour of each location.

Prezi for your presentations

Easy, non-linear navigation between sections is just one of Prezi’s benefits, and one that works across a range of presentations. Get in touch if you have questions on this presentation, to discuss non-linear, or the range of other benefits that we can bring to your presentations – with Prezi.

Author: We Crafted Team

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