Scale, SCALE

Prezi works on a human scale

For #microprezi 6, we investigate how scale can be effectively used. Starting at the familiar human scale, the Prezi progresses to visually show exactly how things compare, and how scale is relative… How Big is an Apple?

Showing the difference in scale between objects, numbers, people and places can be really powerful when used well. Using scale in your own presentations, helps to show the direct relationships between information. For example; you have a big sales increase to highlight – do this by zooming out to show the new sales number is physically bigger than the previous one.

View and control this Prezi yourself: #microprezi 006: scale, SCALE! You’ll see the visual and emotional effect that portraying scale has, and get an idea of how you may use it in your own presentations.

If you have a BIG presentation coming up and would like some expert assistance showing the important scale of your presentations, then give us a shout.

Author: We Crafted Team

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