Aim for audience engagement

A journey in Prezi provides a final target with aims along the way

We intro #microprezi 4 with a bright yellow golf ball sat atop its tee. This tiny show continues on down the fairway, showing how adding a scene and journey to your Prezi can help keep the audience focused. They’ll also remember more, having travelled along with you. Take a look at the Prezi: #microprezi 004: Aim for audience engagement¬†and see how it works.

It’s easy to add elements to your own Prezis that help take your audience on a journey. Think of something relevant to your presentation, e.g growth – use a plant or tree image and then place your content, travelling up the leaves. This is only 1 simple example, we’d love to hear in the comments, of the scenes you come up with for your presentations.

If you’d like a little help coming up with the perfect scene to help convey your business presentations message, then please get in touch.

Author: We Crafted Team

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