So yes, you can stop and collaborate in Prezi, as we see in #microprezi 8. Take it for a spin: #microprezi 008: Collaborate and see how simple it is to get assistance from a colleague, friend or expert (get in touch).

There’s even an 80’s music video hiding in there somewhere, (and don’t pretend you don’t know the words, if you’re as old as we are!).

BOND with your audience

Licence to thrill (with Prezi)

The name’s 007, #microprezi 007. OK, so we went with a rather obvious theme for this #microprezi episode. In it, we cover how Prezi’s cinematic feel can help create a unique bond with your audience.

Prezi’s inherent motion provides the big screen feel, with movement and scale that draw you into the scene (presentation) and the information it contains.

Explore this Prezi for yourself: #microprezi 007: Create a strong BOND with your audience and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

We create cinematic, engrossing presentations for you to present and your audience to watch, get in touch to find out what we can do.

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Scale, SCALE

Prezi works on a human scale

For #microprezi 6, we investigate how scale can be effectively used. Starting at the familiar human scale, the Prezi progresses to visually show exactly how things compare, and how scale is relative… How Big is an Apple?

Showing the difference in scale between objects, numbers, people and places can be really powerful when used well. Using scale in your own presentations, helps to show the direct relationships between information. For example; you have a big sales increase to highlight – do this by zooming out to show the new sales number is physically bigger than the previous one.

View and control this Prezi yourself: #microprezi 006: scale, SCALE! You’ll see the visual and emotional effect that portraying scale has, and get an idea of how you may use it in your own presentations.

If you have a BIG presentation coming up and would like some expert assistance showing the important scale of your presentations, then give us a shout.

The Historic Royal Palaces Prezi

Kew Gardens from the sky

With 6 extraordinary locations; filled with intrigue, artefacts, vast history and so much more. Where do we even begin with the story of the Historic Royal Palaces?

Explore the Prezi now: Historic Royal Palaces or read on for the facts.

The same question faced Lucy on the International Sales Team, who represents the Palaces across the globe. Selling their unique benefits, demands a great presenter – with her confidence to deliver key benefits efficiently.

Having so much info to convey to Corporate Clients, PowerPoint’s slide-to-slide-to-zzz setup, means you either show the audience everything — in sequence — relevant or not. Or you have to awkwardly skip through the slides, trying to find the content that’s important to them.

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Watch this space

What's on today? Whatever you like in your Prezi

Welcome to episode 5 in our #microprezi series – a small snack of Prezi goodness, consumed in around a minute.

In this episode we take a look at video within your Prezis. Video offers enormous levels of engagement that keeps your audience, umm, engaged! Learn the easy ways to get video into your Prezis with YouTube and also local files. There’s even a time saving Pro Prezi Tip in their for good measure.

Take a look at episode 5 here: #microprezi 005: Watch this space

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Aim for audience engagement

A journey in Prezi provides a final target with aims along the way

We intro #microprezi 4 with a bright yellow golf ball sat atop its tee. This tiny show continues on down the fairway, showing how adding a scene and journey to your Prezi can help keep the audience focused. They’ll also remember more, having travelled along with you. Take a look at the Prezi: #microprezi 004: Aim for audience engagement and see how it works.

It’s easy to add elements to your own Prezis that help take your audience on a journey. Think of something relevant to your presentation, e.g growth – use a plant or tree image and then place your content, travelling up the leaves. This is only 1 simple example, we’d love to hear in the comments, of the scenes you come up with for your presentations.

If you’d like a little help coming up with the perfect scene to help convey your business presentations message, then please get in touch.

Three is the magic number

With all 3 dimensions, Prezi houses your content across X, Y & Z

Here it is, the ‘magical’ #microprezi 003: Three is the magic number

So, what do we discover about Prezi in this tiny episode? It’s all about the XYZ – and how your content can be arranged in new, relevant and interesting ways. It’s time to explore another dimension.

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Zoom in/out, what’s it all about?

A person relaxing on the sofa.

For the second Prezi in our #microprezi series; we decided to show how the zoom feature can be best utilised. We show not only how details in your presentation can be highlighted, but also how you can provide spatial context to information, both enhancing the content and the level of immersion.

Take a look at the Prezi now, it only takes a minute: #microprezi 002: Zoom in/out, what’s it all about?

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Welcome to our #microprezi series!

Cool sunglasses, for Kanye West.

With Prezi having a multitude of uses for its ‘infinite canvas’ including: zooming, panning, rotation, 3D backgrounds and more, it can be a little daunting…

Our helpful #microprezi series focuses on how the features can be used to benefit your presentations, all explained in around a minute of your time.

Check out the first one here: #microprezi 001: Is Prezi Cool? and follow our twitter for more in the series: @wecrafted